Engaging with Mormons

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Product Code: XB403
Title: Engaging with Mormons
Author: Corey Miller
Publisher: The Good News Company
List Price: $12.99
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Date: 2020
Pages: 125
Additional Info: Understanding Their World Sharing Good News


From back cover:

Many Christians are reluctant to engage in conversations about their faith with Mormons—unsure of the differences and concerned that it will just end in confusion.

This short book is designed to help Christians understand more about the beliefs, mindset, and motivations of those who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Whether they're colleagues, friends, or missionaries on your doorstep, you'll be equipped to reach out to Mormons with the good news of the true gospel.

Table of Contents

Series preface

Understanding Mormons

  1. Understanding Mormon culture and values
  2. The Mormon story and scriptures

Engaging with Mormons

  1. Connecting through testimony
  2. Salvation, part 1: The performance trap
  3. Salvation, part 2: Making room for the gospel
  4. God: Who do Mormons worship?
  5. Christ: The differences that matter
  6. Practical ways to engage


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