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Product Code: UP019
Title: Early Days of Mormonism: Palmyra, Kirtland, and Nauvoo
Author: J. H. Kennedy
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $28.50
Date: 1888
Pages: 275
Additional Info:


A non-Mormon magazine editor covers the early rise of Mormonism, focusing on Smith's lifetime.

Table of Contents

  1. A Rapid Growth in Fruitful Soil
  2. The Evolution of the Book
  3. Sidney Rigdon and the Kirtland Haven
  4. The Life of the Transplanted Tree
  5. Miracles, and the Gift of Tongues
  6. Kirtland Stake of Zion, and Brigham Young
  7. Enemies Without and Within
  8. The Army of Zion
  9. Far West and Nauvoo
  10. At the High-Tide of Power
  11. Downfall and Death
  12. The Scattered Flock


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