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Product Code: UB006
Title: Confessions of John D. Lee
Author: John D. Lee
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Price: $8.00
Date: 1877
Pages: 406
Additional Info: A photomechanical reprint of the original 1877 edition of Mormonism Unveiled; Or The Life And Confessions Of The Late Mormon Bishop, John D. Lee.


Contains important information on the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

Table of Contents


  1. A Stormy Beginning
  2. The Industrious Young Man
  3. Lee Becomes A Mormon
  4. The Saints Are Beset With Troubles
  5. The Mormon War In Missouri
  6. Lee Locates The Garden Of Eden
  7. The Saints Gather At Nauvoo
  8. Lee Continues His Missionary Work
  9. Mormonism—Its Doctrines And How It Originated
  10. Lee Casts Out Devils And Does Other Wonderful Works
  11. A Tennesee Planter Makes It Hot For Parson Lee
  12. Matters Of Peculiar Interest At Nauvoo
  13. Death Of Joseph Smith—Some Of Brigham Young's Crimes
  14. Inside View Of Polygamy And The Doctrine Of Sealing
  15. The Saints Move Westward
  16. Lee Goes On An Expedition To Santa Fe
  17. Lee Is Treated Badly By The "Brethren"
  18. Last Confession And Statement Of John D. Lee
  19. Confession Continued And Concluded, March 16,1877, Seven Days Prior To His Execution
  20. Arrest of John D. Lee By WM. Stokes, Deputy U.S. Marshal
  21. Trial Of Lee At Beaver City, Utah Territory, September, 1876
  22. Trial Of Lee Continued
  23. Trial Of Lee Concluded
  24. Names And Present Residences
  25. Execution Of John D. Lee

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