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Product Code: XB307
Title: Communicating Christ in a Religious World
Author: John Thomas Rogers
Publisher: Xulon Press
Price: $14.50
Date: 2009
Pages: 242
Additional Info:

Revised Edition


From back cover:

You hear a knock at your door, and you notice through the window two bicycles parked in your driveway. Two clean-cut young men who appear to be conservative salesman or Christian seminary students dressed in white shirts, ties, and dress slacks wait outside. They inform you that they are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the Mormons. What do you say? The fact is that religious people are everywhere from the next door neighbor to the person sitting next to you on the plane. They follow multiple systems of beliefs, and some of them have very different living practices. Not all belong to cults. Some come from common, acceptable religious systems, while others appear extreme. How do you talk to these people and share the message of Christ? How do you even begin to prepare when so many different groups teach so many different doctrines? This book will help you prepare for these conversations. It is not about the teachings of religious groups; plenty of other books outline those teachings. This book explains how to communicate to those in religious systems the love of Christ without a heated debate. You will find Communicating Christ in a Religious World to be a powerful tool which will prepare you to share biblical truth with religious people!

Table of Contents

Foreword to Original Edition
Introduction: Coming of the Cults

  1. Proper Attitudes
  2. Friendly Discussions
  3. Communicative Witnessing
  4. Priority Goal
  5. Biblical Authority
  6. Deity Described
  7. Scriptural Salvation
  8. Demonic Doctrines
  9. Practical Responses
  10. Religion's Failure

Appendix: Research Section

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