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Product Code: XB136
Title: Basic Christianity
Author: John R.W. Stott
Publisher: WM. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co.
Price: $8.00
Date: 1997
Pages: 156
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This is a sound, sensible guide for those seeking an intellectually satisfying presentation of the Christian faith.

Table of Contents


  1. The Right Approach

Part One: Christ's Person

  1. The Claims of Christ
  2. The Character of Christ
  3. The Resurrection of Christ

Part Two: Man's Need

  1. The Fact and Nature of Sin
  2. The Consequences of Sin

Part Three: Christ's Work

  1. The Death of Christ
  2. The Salvation of Christ

Part Four: Man's Response

  1. Counting the Cost
  2. Reaching a Decision
  3. Being a Christian

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