Answering Mormons' Questions

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Product Code: XB126
Title: Answering Mormons' Questions: Ready Responses for Inquiring Latter-day Saints
Author: Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson
Publisher: Kregel Publications
List Price: $17.99
Our Price: $16.00
Date: 2012
Pages: 334
Additional Info: Updated and Expanded Edition


From back cover:

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints boasts millions of members, thousands of missionaries, and congregations on every continent. With their growing presence in our communities, places of business, and in the political arena, it's more important than ever for you to be prepared to answer questions from your Mormon friends, neighbors, co-workers, and from fellow believers as well. In this updated and expanded edition of Answering Mormons' Questions, authors Bill McKeever and Eric Johnson provide ready responses to the common yet difficult questions Mormons ask, including:

  • Why don't you accept Mormons as Christians?
  • Do you believe Mormonism is a cult?
  • If the LDS church is not true, which church is?
  • How can you explain the many contradictions found throughout the Bible?

With more than six decades of combined experience, McKeever and Johnson are abundantly qualified to analyze and respond to these and other questions—so you can become more successful in sharing your faith with Mormons.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Sandra Tanner

Section 1: The LDS Church

  • Chapter 1: Why won't you accept Mormons as Christians? Do you think we're a cult?
  • Chapter 2: Why won't you let us define our own doctrine rather than telling us what we believe?
  • Chapter 3: Doesn't the fact that Jesus Christ is in our church's name prove we are Christian?
  • Chapter 4: Aren't evangelism efforts aimed at Mormons just another act of persecution?
  • Chapter 5: If Mormonism is wrong, then why is it one of the fastest growing churches? And what about the fruit of Mormonism?
  • Chapter 6: Why do so many equate our church to splinter groups when we no longer practice polygamy?

Section 2: Christianity

  • Chapter 7: If the LDS Church is not true, which church is?
  • Chapter 8: Didn't the Bible predict the apostasy of the Christian faith?
  • Chapter 9: Why not just promote what you believe and not judge our faith?
  • Chapter 10: Why are your clergy members paid?
  • Chapter 11: Where do you get your authority?
  • Chapter 12: Why won't you let your daughter date a Mormon?

Section 3: God

  • Chapter 13: Didn't the prophet Jeremiah allude to the premortal existence of humankind?
  • Chapter 14: If God was once a man, why can't men become gods?
  • Chapter 15: How do you justify the doctrine of the Trinity?
  • Chapter 16: If God is a spirit, why did Moses say he saw God face-to-face?
  • Chapter 17: Why do you emphasize the cross? Why highlight Christ's suffering and death?
  • Chapter 18: How can you believe in a God who would send His children to an eternal hell?

Section 4: Salvation

  • Chapter 19: Doesn't the book of James say that "faith without works is dead"?
  • Chapter 20: Isn't it arrogant to think that you already have forgiveness of sins?
  • Chapter 21: Why don't you believe baptism is necessary for salvation when Acts 2:38 teaches this?
  • Chapter 22: If there is no baptism for the dead, what about all those who have died without having heard the gospel?
  • Chapter 23: Wouldn't you like to have your marriage and family endure for all eternity?
  • Chapter 24: We'll just have to find out in the end who was right, won't we?

Section 5: The Bible

  • Chapter 25: Why should a rational person trust in a Bible that has been corrupted?
  • Chapter 26: Why do you trust the Bible when it has so many contradictions?
  • Chapter 27: Doesn't James 1:5 say we should pray for wisdom? Why won't you pray about the truth claims of Mormonism?
  • Chapter 28: To whom is Jesus referring when He mentions the "other sheep" in John 10:16?
  • Chapter 29: Why doesn't your church build temples?
  • Chapter 30: Didn't the apostle Paul say there were three degrees of glory?

Section 6: Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon

  • Chapter 31: How do you account for Joseph Smith's "First Vision"?
  • Chapter 32: What about the witnesses who claimed they saw the gold plates?
  • Chapter 33: If the Book of Mormon is just a novel, then why do Isaiah and Ezekiel predict its forthcoming?
  • Chapter 34: What about the archaeology supporting the Book of Mormon?
  • Chapter 35: Why do you have difficulty accepting Joseph Smith as a true prophet of God?
  • Chapter 36: Why would Joseph Smith be willing to die as a martyr if he didn't believe God spoke to him?
  • Appendix 1: Ten questions for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Appendix 2: Ready references for witnessing to Mormons

Glossary: General LDS terms and their Mormon definitions
Scripture Index
About the Authors

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