41 Unique Teachings of the LDS Church

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Product Code: UB052
Title: 41 Unique Teachings of the LDS Church
Author: Sandra Tanner
Publisher: Utah Lighthouse Ministry
Date: 2012
Pages: 119
Additional Info: Digital Book Version Available


41 Unique Teachings of the LDS Church examines a number of beliefs not well known to outsiders. Using modern statements by LDS leaders, current LDS manuals and scriptures, this book illustrates the sharp differences between Mormonism and Biblical Christianity.

Table of Contents


  1. God the Father was once a man
  2. God the Father has a body of flesh and bones
  3. Father, Son and Holy Ghost are three separate beings
  4. God the Father is under a higher god
  5. God lives on a planet near the star Kolob
  6. All matter is eternal. God did not create out of nothing
  7. Everything was first created as a spirit
  8. There is a Heavenly Mother
  9. We are all spirit children of Heavenly Parents
  10. Jesus and Lucifer are literally brothers
  11. The Fall was necessary and a great blessing
  12. Heavenly Father had intercourse with Mary to procreate Jesus
  13. Jesus suffered in Gethsemane for our sins
  14. The gospel includes all of Mormon doctrine
  15. Going to heaven is not the same as having eternal life
  16. Three levels of LDS heaven
  17. Man can become a God and rule over his own world
  18. Temple marriage required for eternal life
  19. Must pay tithing to go to the temple
  20. Prohibit tea, coffee, tobacco, alcohol
  21. Only faithful LDS members may attend temple weddings
  22. Sacred underwear must be worn
  23. Temple handshakes, gestures and passwords
  24. Temple oath to consecrate everything to the LDS Church
  25. LDS woman called up from the grave by husband
  26. Exalted couples have sex eternally
  27. Polygamy will be lived in the celestial kingdom
  28. Baptism for the dead and proxy marriage ceremonies
  29. Christ visited the Americas shortly after His crucifixion
  30. Dark skin is the result of a curse from God
  31. The Garden of Eden was in western Missouri
  32. Jesus will return to Earth in western Missouri
  33. Noah set sail from Missouri
  34. Enoch will return to Missouri at the time of Christ's return
  35. The LDS Church claims to be the only true church
  36. Bible insufficient and mistranslated
  37. The LDS prophet's revelations not limited
  38. Only LDS priesthood authority is accepted by God
  39. The LDS Sacrament (communion) uses bread and water
  40. Test a spiritual messenger with a handshake
  41. Four of Jesus' disciples did not die
  42. Conclusion


  1. Terminology Differences
  2. LDS Eternal Progression Chart
  3. LDS and Bible Teachings About God
    1. Part One: LDS View of God
    2. Part Two: What the Bible Says About God
  4. Christian and LDS Beliefs Compared
  5. Contradictions in LDS Scriptures
  6. Sharing Your Faith with Latter-day Saints

About the Author

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